Kim Jacobsen

Kim Jacobsen

Hi! My name is Kim Jacobsen. Currently am 39years old. I am the creator of - It serves a community for writers who needs a place to stay and keep their writings heard. It also has a messenger function. I've been on the internet since 1994 after its been released to the public where it served military purposes before. My interests are a few span from Astronomy, Maths, Programming, Psychology, Internet, Networks, Marketing, UI(User Interface), GUI(Graphical User Interface) and Autoization of digital entities. I've had websites since 1997. Products I've been involved in are Apple, Bitcoin, eBay, PayPal, Google, YouTube, Diamant, El Nino, (Data)Mining and many more. I hope you enjoy your stay while being here.

Comments are open for all registered subscribers. You're free to write your opinion or spend some energy to add your modifications for the existing examples or if you have a standalone programming example or solution if you want to make a presentation or put up a link for your Github repository or websites. Send in your comments on the subjects.

Twenty years ago I got stuck with an illness that has been having a feast for almost 40 years now. Sometimes I wonder about the situation it presents me with because doctors are inclined to say it means a wrecked reality. I'm not really sharing that opinion even though old medicine books talk about heavy thinking or heavy mind and being behind. All the time I have proven them wrong by not being behind, more like the reverse of it, but I'm not saying they are wrong.

The journey through life just can't be explained in simple words within some doctors' books because it does not take all impacted people into account but radically talking about experience and one point of view. You can have the world's most heavy mind but still, have a great time. The only thing that keeps you from having it is to the most part the misunderstanding of leaving the sick behind even though there is space for everyone and sick people needs to be helped. Personally, I agree with helping them and present them a chance.

As Corona has been proving time is of the essence when having to do with cures because lives depend on a solution as so with all illness as in physics and in psychology. Two weeks after my mention about how to solve the issue with Corona the cure came from Pfizer, which just proves again that by mentioning reality and the best solution the best man wins the effort of producing the product even though there is no cash for the invention which I've been watching all through my life. I mentioned Apple and Facebook 32 years ago at a family visit to Germany and the companies listed in the profile text are also mentioned by my years in front of being a product or reality still no income from them. It leaves me thinking who is behind because it just looks like thieves live a safe life thinking they are superman on Earth even though someone else would be the reason for their existence. Evolution does not stand still and every idea could be the next big thing.

I guess it's up to reality and present people of taking the haul from the thinkers and help them have some financial freedom in life too because if there wasn't a reason for the products to become reality they wouldn't be here in the first place even though manipulation from upcoming thieves does bad things to people. The question is who are the losers and winners in this equation.

Thinking about wasted time for giving them a reason to exist.

Somewhere over the rainbow I looked for maybe a treasure chest and A core. Only found old coins and not alot but in the end I expected nothing more.

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To the ones that are battling an admin area where the customizer of any presented theme looks like a mess and contains errors, there is a small addition to the theme function file (functions.php) in the theme folder that needs to be added to handle the requests correctly. In the expanded menu Appearance you can use the Theme Editor to add the line.

Add the next line to the top of the file functions.php.

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);

Good luck! Enjoy :)

Thinking about size of planets you can view a comparison of the known close examples of stars within the nearest known distance as while present time. If you want to calculate the distance of one point over the entire surface and back (circumference) you can do this calculation of, radius(13.000km)*360degrees/100 = 46.800km for the star planet Earth.

Looking at a Qint or Sun diameter there is a factor of 3.6 (3.58) going larger to next step as showed in the video just not explained in the video.

The only reason we can not observe further than we do and think the universe is limited is because of the reach of dwarf Qint the Sun didn't sent its light further than where it has as to current time and that creates the illusion that the universe is expanding while it has always existed and is never-ending into infinity.

Black hole can be considered as small universess inside our reality eating material for establishing what we also know out here in reality.
Mizers (string theory) even gates to a nebula on the reverse side where stars and galaxies are born. Highly intelligent phenomena plausible. Multiverse building up.

Some music for entertainment and some good modern dance steps.

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List of possible theories and multiple options:

  1. Bad hygiene.
  2. Radioactive down-fall from Fukushima Nuclear Plant.
  3. Wireless Smog, Radiowaves interfere with human tissue like a microwave. Harmonic frequency radiation 1 1/3.13+.
  4. Astronomy Telescope construction. New one building in China.
  5. Sun, Corona is part of the surface of the Sun - flux traveling ~16 days to arrive
    26-28. February 2020 04:00-07:00AM GMT+1 eclipse and following blood-red sky in the morning.
  6. Wave from Qint or alignment, eclipse.
  7. VX derivative from the Russian test.
  8. Mushroom infection.
  9. Crypt air-mushroom infection, New discoveries in Israel, Egypt.
  10. DNA morphed liquid water.
  11. Hunger.
  12. Badly prepared fried/boiled food and spices.
  13. Vegans.
  14. Satellite rocket exhaust from departing rockets carrier.
  15. Black Sea code, Kaviar, Stõhr.
  16. Beer, berry, drape, or alcohol poisoning.
  17. Benzodiazepines overdose or sensitivity issue.
  18. Cocaine mixed together with consumption of alcohol, metabolism, highly toxic (worst case scenario deadly metabolism but rare though)
  19. Laboratory accident, air cleaner.
  20. Bat is eaten by Chinese, binary structure.
  21. Magnetism in combination with electricity and water turbine resulting in liquid cells being morphed.
  22. CO2 oxygen poisoned.
  23. High altitude sickness. Not enough air also called Oxygen for all people on our planet Earth from places like Amazonas forest dissapearing more and more.
  24. Mount Everest climb.
  25. Dehydration.
  26. Consumption of motherload.
  27. Applesauce.


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There are several options when programming a website. Plenty of tags to choose from and ways to display the content you want to present to a website user. Most people do have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to make this easy and visual while other people behind the curtain need to know this forehand as part of their knowledge. Here's the list of tags used most commonly.























To give you a structure to use after reading this for an HTML page read further:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta name="description" content="Description for Search Engine entry">
<meta name="keywords" content="sample,example,website,html,">
h1 {font-family:Arial;color:#000000;font-size:24px;}
h2 {font-family:Arial;color:#000000;font-size:18px;}
h3 {font-family:Arial;color:#000000;font-size:16px;}
h4 {font-family:Arial;color:#000000;font-size:14px;}
h5 {font-family:Arial;color:#000000;font-size:12px;}
h6 {font-family:Arial;color:#000000;font-size:10px;}

<h1>Content of website inside the <body> tag.</h1>


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Since mathematic and psychology sometimes go hand in hand this is an example thereof. Relative-contrary is the next of kin to a logical explanation of the negative factor of any given (X) word or (X) number. Some call it the black hole, or merely a tool to explain something rather simple in a nonfiction (fact) way for something like documentation. While random is factor 3.58

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For a while, I've been asking myself if there is more to reality than the usual suspect thinks or experienced before and I came to the conclusion that even though there are a lot of chances to get things right there are still the bad part of being able to fail. With trial and error, I've been creating a list that contains factual knowledge and experience in some short science of letters and symbols. Key values. Relative-contrary examples could also be understood as.

A God, Almighty, Alone, Access, Accept, Mal-Jun

B Bright, Light, Singularity, Black, Broad

C Grant, Correct, Complete, Problem, Solve, Luck, Knowledge, Diamond

D Dreams, Drunk, Dinner, Depth, Dolphin

E Eternity, Forever, Else, Voltage, Estimate

F Freedom, Freespech, Lock, Key, Farad, Full, Fish

G Gravity, Gram, Weight, Get, Gold

H Height, Honor, Integrity, Hydrogen, Half, Harmony, Balance

I Intelligent, Intellect, Intelligence, Investigation, Curious, Ampere, Power, Integrity

J Hook, Butler, Pole

K Kim, Kernel, ROOT, Nature, Communication, Circuit, Earth, Military Grade

L Levitation, Lambda, Light, Lumen, Lux, Submarine

M Sigma, Women, Matter, Distance, Mercy, Mathematic, Morale, Frequency, Sympathy

N Fishing, Replay, Rewind & Play, Night

O Circuit, Resistance, Ohm, Electricity, Magnets, Loop, Rubber, Orca

P Paranoid, Paradigm, Paradox, Paralyze, Asking, Please, Samsurium

Q Demigod, Santa Claus, Gift Reign, Lepricon

R Resistance, Reluctant, Less, Radio

S Snake (Religious figure), DNA, Humans, Vitamin, Slalom, Speed, Skizofren, Skies, Sky, Cloud, Special Ability

T Transport, Treasure, Tight, Tiny, Small, Traffic

U Lucky, Get, Import & Export, Transport

V Relativity, World, Universe, Volt

W Width, Virtual Reality, Double Relativity, World, Game. Win, Chance, Wisdom

X Target, Point of interest, deduct, Variable, Pre-sum, Constant, Fixed, Destination, Extract, Enigma, Cryptology, White

Y Drink, Greeting, Hi, Yearly, Year, Slingshot, Shots

Z Sleep, Dream, Legend, Security Clearance

Æ Ether, Ocean, Trust, Network

Ø Diameter, Cut through, Half, Pipe, Drill

Å Eye, Pyramid, Building, Water, River

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Add this code to the index.php file inside Joomla! templates directory or your /var/www/ directory.
Create an empty ../counter_01.txt file and chmod 777 ../counter_01.txt and chown www-data:www-data ../counter_01.txt

Save the ../counter_01.txt file outside the www/web accessible directory since of hacker attempts to write 0 or reset the counter.

file_put_contents("../counter_01.txt", "\n", FILE_APPEND);
$linecount = 0;
$handle = fopen($file, "r");
$line = fgets($handle);

<?php echo $linecount; ?>

This counter read line-height or newlines instead of a number, integer, or cipher.

Music to relax to

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For a long time, I've been working on getting up & running again. Seems like the result this far fits my requirements after long hours of configuration tweak, updates, and getting the necessary technical backend work like it's supposed. I understand that many rely on getting a simple solution like WordPress and WP-Script running since it's just a matter of minutes before you have a working tube running fairly simple. However, I still think perfection needs time and the right system. is running on Debian 9, NGINX, php7.0-fpm using socket, MariaDB, and various video encoders for FFmpeg (libavcodec57) and Yamdi for metadata, Joomla! CMS and premium component HWD MediaShare including premium addons, Protostar template, and Jumi for custom code. You can give it a test run if you'd like by visiting clicking here.

Google seems to have picked up the latest update and looks as it is supposed to. This is pretty rare since a revisit and update could take a long time, updates in an index or Search Engine (SE) are what some developers are waiting for when creating websites and performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

DNS (Domain Name System) is set up with custom servers mastered by Namecheap as registrar, DDoS (Denial of Service) protection is performed by SoYouStart / OVH.

To be able to earn money with your solution you need to be part of an Affiliate Network which could be AWEmpire (Sign Up) or somewhere else.

Have fun! Enjoy.

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